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Brain Injury

What Is a Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injury?

Published in Brain Injury on June 10, 2020

Brain injuries are some of the most serious injury types involved in accidents in Boston. Any injury the brain sustains could have a significant impact on the victim’s daily life. From expensive medical treatments to symptoms that affect movement, thought and speech, a brain injury can be life-changing. One possible type of brain injury during…

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Second Impact Syndrome

Published in Brain Injury on January 23, 2017

The focus on concussions, especially as it concerns athletes, has increased exponentially in recent years. Helmets have become more durable and anyone suspected of sustaining a concussion is kept out of contact until they are healed, usually. Sometimes a concussion may not be detected, or a person returns to activity before the concussion has fully…

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Can I use marijuana to treat an injury in Massachusetts?

Published in Brain Injury on January 16, 2017

Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana for all forms of consumption and use this past election, but citizens are unsure how the law will be implemented or how it will affect them personally. The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act has already taken effect (one exception is the delay of the marijuana retail shops. The vote,…

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What Is Foreign Accent Syndrome?

Published in Brain Injury on December 2, 2016

In extremely rare cases, head injuries and psychological trauma affect victims in a highly unusual way. Individuals begin to speak with foreign accents one day without training or purposeful thought. While intriguing to the outside observer, the changes may signal an unidentified form of trauma or impact to the brain’s speech centers. Defining Foreign Accent…

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