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Medical Malpractice

Negligent Referral: What You Need to Know

Published in Medical Malpractice on October 10, 2023

When you see a medical professional while needing specialized care, your doctor may refer you to someone who can better handle your care. These specialists that you may be referred to have the education, training, and experience to deal with specific health concerns and can provide the best level of care. However, some doctors dismiss…

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Can You Sue the Hospital for Patient Abuse?

Published in Medical Malpractice on September 1, 2023

Patient abuse can take many forms, ranging from physical negligence to emotional harm, medical malpractice, and even patient rights violations. Unfortunately, elderly patients are the most vulnerable to these injustices. While most healthcare professionals are dedicated to their patients’ well-being, abuse occurs all too often. If you or someone you love was injured at the…

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Can a Doctor Lose Their License When Sued for Negligence?

Published in Medical Malpractice on February 15, 2023

Suffering a severe injury due to medical malpractice is often extremely upsetting. After all, patients put immense trust in the doctors who are meant to care for them in their time of need, and it can be highly traumatic when that trust is broken. When you decide to sue a doctor by filing a medical…

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Who May Be Held Liable if You Are Given the Incorrect Shot?

Published in Medical Malpractice on February 10, 2023

No one likes getting a shot at the doctor’s office. Whether you are there for a vaccination or to receive medication through an injection, you put your trust in the medical professionals caring for you to give you the correct shot. If you have suffered as a result of being given an incorrect injection, you…

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How Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Help After a Cancer Misdiagnosis?

Published in Medical Malpractice on February 5, 2023

Today, nearly every family in the United States has been affected by cancer in some way. When a person is told they have cancer, life as they know it may be altered in the blink of an eye. Because this disease is so serious, patients put all their trust in the doctors, nurses, and other…

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Increase in Invasive Group A Strep Among Children: What You Need to Know

Published in Medical Malpractice on January 12, 2023

When it comes to your child’s health and safety, nothing is more important than being as informed as possible on how you can prevent them from getting sick. With an increase in patients being diagnosed with invasive group A strep, it is essential you know everything there is to know about this infection and how…

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Can I File for Medical Malpractice for Injuries Sustained in Labor?

Published in Medical Malpractice on December 1, 2022

Types of Injuries Mothers Could Suffer During Labor in Massachusetts During the labor and delivery process, mothers are naturally susceptible to suffering an injury, but negligent doctors and other medical professionals could cause injuries themselves. Mothers in Massachusetts are vulnerable to suffering the following injuries by negligent medical providers: Anesthesia complications Infection Internal organ damage…

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What Does It Mean When Doctors Breach Their Duty of Care?

Published in Medical Malpractice on October 13, 2022

Almost all personal injury claims, including medical malpractice claims in Massachusetts, are founded on a concept that is known as a “breach of duty of care.” Identifying whether a doctor breached their duty of care is essential in determining whether there are grounds for a personal injury claim after suffering an injury due to medical…

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Does Telemedicine Increase the Risk of Medical Malpractice?

Published in Medical Malpractice on October 7, 2022

Telemedicine is a practice that has been used for years to provide medical care to patients in rural areas but has recently risen in popularity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also known as remote or online medicine, telemedicine is medical care and advice provided via telecommunication technology. Although it can be a convenient…

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8 Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions in Massachusetts

Published in Medical Malpractice on September 7, 2022

When a person is in need of medical care, they put their trust into the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who will perform the necessary procedures. Unfortunately, even though medical professionals undergo extensive training, mistakes can still occur. One of the most common forms of medical negligence in Massachusetts is the misdiagnosis of medical…

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