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The Pros and Cons of Using a Dashcam

Published in car accidents, Safety on February 28, 2018

After a car accident in Massachusetts, there is always confusion. Often it isn’t clear exactly what happened. Because of the increasing highway congestion, many people consider using a dashcam so that, no matter what happens, they have a record of the event. Legally, they may be helpful after an accident. Here’s what you need to…

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Can Autonomous Cars Reduce Traffic in Boston?

Published in car accidents, Pedestrian Safety on June 27, 2017

Self-driving cars may seem like a futuristic concept. Well brace yourself. They are already here. Autonomous car company, NuTonomy, headquartered right here in Boston has already been testing their cars in a very limited area of the Seaport District for several months and has been given approval from the city to expand the test area…

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Proposed Bill Changes Cell Phone and Driving Laws in Massachusetts

Published in car accidents on March 24, 2016

As further research is done on the effect of cell phone use and driving, more and more legislation is passed to make our roads safer. For example, a new bill in Massachusetts will prohibit drivers from holding cell phones while driving. The proposed legislation would restrict carrying or physically manipulating any device, including a smartphone,…

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The MBTA Late Night Service Cancelation Will Affect Drunk Driving

Published in car accidents, Pedestrian Safety on March 17, 2016

Since 1983, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has provided free rides every New Year’s Eve in Boston. This originated due to the high incidence of drunk driving accidents in the city during this holiday. In addition to increased punishment for drunk driving, this act lowered tragic accident rates this time of year and helped…

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Getting Ready for Winter Travel

Published in car accidents on February 2, 2016

Weather forecasters are predicting a severe winter for the Northeast. Last year, Boston struggled with a “Snowpocalypse” in late February, and this year’s El Nino weather patterns may leave us with even more snow. As the cold fronts move in after the unusually warm holiday season, here are cold weather vehicle maintenance and driving tips…

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Driving Under the Influence and The Holidays

Published in car accidents on December 29, 2015

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. Whether it’s sipping on eggnog at your company holiday party or toasting on New Year’s Eve with champagne, alcohol is a universal part of many holiday traditions. But while drinking during the holidays can bring excitement and joy, it can easily transform into a nightmare if…

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Most Dangerous Intersections in Massachusetts

Published in car accidents on December 27, 2015

Above are the 200 most dangerous intersections in the state of Massachusetts according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The data is from accidents that occurred in 2013. You can zoom in on the map and hover over the dots to see additional information. The larger the circle size, the most injury accidents that occurred…

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Sober Ride Home Program

Published in car accidents on December 8, 2015

  Helping Boston Get Home Safely With some of the world’s brightest universities, an innovative economy, and a history of sports dominance, Boston clearly knows how to take care of business. But when it’s all said and done, the city knows how to party, with the average adult in Boston consuming 15.6 alcoholic drinks per month. While there…

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The Future of Liability with Driverless Cars

Published in car accidents on November 27, 2015

Vehicles have evolved drastically in the last few decades to include more automated features. Blind spot monitoring, self-parking, and lane change warnings are a few of the options available on modern cars. Some companies, such as Google and Tesla, have even introduced driverless technology. This evolution has sparked changes in how accidents are handled. Federal…

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Six Myths About Holiday Traffic

Published in car accidents on November 20, 2015

The holiday season is a time for getting together with friends and family, eating copious amounts of food, and being thankful. However, between shopping trips and visits to family, more time than we’d like is spent on the road. We’ve all heard stories about terrible holiday traffic experiences; some of us have even experienced them…

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