Personal Injury

How are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

Published in Personal Injury on January 8, 2021

When you have suffered an injury that was caused by someone else, you have the legal right to pursue financial recovery. Many types of accidents can result in personal injuries, including car accidents, bike accidents, and slip and falls. You can seek compensation to cover the costs of your medical expenses, lost income, and pain…

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What Should I Wear to Court?

Published in Personal Injury on December 28, 2020

When you go to court for a personal injury case, you are required to wear appropriate attire. However, what is considered proper attire for court? If this is your first time in a courtroom for a hearing or a trial, you may not be sure what to wear to court. Your personal injury lawyer will…

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What is a Lien on a Personal Injury Case?

Published in Personal Injury on December 26, 2020

Medical bills from a personal injury case can quickly total tens of thousands of dollars. Many accident victims do not have the money to pay medical bills. If they do not have health insurance to cover medical expenses, it can be frightening and overwhelming. Massachusetts law allows medical providers to place a medical lien on…

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How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth in Boston?

Published in Personal Injury on August 27, 2020

It is understandable to wonder about the worth of your Boston personal injury claim. After all, the settlement or judgment award you may receive could determine your family’s future financial stability. After an accident in Boston that causes significant injuries and expensive losses, the only way to move forward may be to achieve a financial…

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Can I Sue After Signing a Waiver in Boston?

Published in Personal Injury on August 25, 2020

Many risky activities require participants to sign waivers of liability. Release of liability waivers protect the overarching organization from legal responsibility if a participant suffers an injury. If a foul ball hits a sports fan in the head during a baseball game, for example, the fan may not be able to sue the sports stadium…

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What Types of Lawsuits Might Come From COVID-19 Exposure?

Published in Personal Injury, Safety on July 7, 2020

On top of the many physical and emotional concerns regarding the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic are also legal issues. People from all over the world are filing COVID-19 lawsuits concerning travel and entertainment refunds, failed business contracts, employment issues, business interruptions, medical negligence, pandemic avoidance, and more. If you believe you have a lawsuit or class action…

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How to Win a Wrongful Death Claim in Massachusetts

Published in Personal Injury on July 7, 2020

Wrongful death is the loss of life due to another person’s tort, misconduct, negligence or wrongdoing. A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit that seeks to hold the at-fault party accountable for the deceased person’s death. Certain family members in Massachusetts could receive compensation after an executor or administrator of the decedent files a…

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What Are Common Apartment Accident Injuries?

Published in Personal Injury, Safety on June 15, 2020

It is typical to feel safe and secure in your apartment building. As a renter, you have the legal right to expect reasonable care by your landlord, building owner or management company. Reasonable care means an expectation that your landlord will regularly inspect the premises for hazards, repair known issues and respond promptly to tenant…

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How to Negotiate an Injury Insurance Settlement

Published in Personal Injury on June 14, 2020

One of the most important steps in the process of obtaining financial compensation for your injuries and losses during a civil suit is negotiating an insurance settlement. The settlement is the agreement you come to with an insurance company regarding how much money it will give you for the damages you have from an accident….

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How is the Eggshell Skull Rule Applied in Personal Injury Cases?

Published in Personal Injury on May 13, 2020

As the claimant in a personal injury case, you may or may not encounter the eggshell skull rule during your claim. The eggshell rule is a legal doctrine that involves the condition of the victim at the time of the accident in terms of the defendant’s liability. It is an important rule to understand if…

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