Personal Injury

How to File a Personal Injury Claim

Published in Personal Injury on April 5, 2019

If you recently received an injury due to someone else’s actions, you may have to accumulate medical bills. If your injuries left you unable to work, the loss in wages may have you wondering how you will ever begin to catch up. However, if someone else caused your injuries, you may want to consider filing…

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Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

Published in Personal Injury on April 3, 2019

Whether you received injuries from a car accident, personal injury, medical malpractice, or the wrongful act of someone else, the time immediately afterward is stressful. You must worry about your recovery as well as how you will pay your medical bills – especially if you missed wages due to your injury. Your settlement will provide…

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What Is a Contingency Fee?

Published in car accidents, Personal Injury on April 1, 2019

If you experienced injury through no fault of your own and feel the other party could owe you compensation, you have likely done some research on obtaining a personal injury attorney. Sometimes, however, it can seem as if attorney websites have a language all their own. One of the most commonly misunderstood terms in the…

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Car Accident 2019 Statistics in the United States

Published in car accidents, Personal Injury on March 8, 2019

Motor vehicle accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in the United States. They are responsible for billions in property damage and other economic losses each year. If you or a relative suffered injuries or economic damages due to the negligence of another driver, an attorney can represent…

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Got bitten by a dog? Better find a lawyer today

Published in Personal Injury on February 28, 2019

We at Sweeney Merrigan Law love our pets. Cats are our best friends, and dogs are loyal companions. However, any animal can become a threat when its owner is reckless and negligent. If you or a beloved one suffered a serious injury as a consequence of an animal attack, you have the right to seek…

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What Are Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Claims?

Published in Personal Injury on February 4, 2019

A personal injury claim may arise whenever one party causes a tangible injury or other measurable loss to another. However, it is possible for a civil claim to arise when no physical injury occurred but the victim sustained emotional suffering due to another party’s actions. Anyone who suffers emotional distress from discrimination, non-physical domestic abuse,…

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What Is a Contusion?

Published in Personal Injury on December 20, 2018

Contusions in Personal Injury Claims A contusion is a relatively minor injury, but this does not mean that someone who suffers a contusion due to another party’s negligence cannot claim compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering. More than likely, if a plaintiff in a personal injury case does claim compensation for a contusion,…

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Concussions: Important Signs You Don’t Want to Miss

Published in Personal Injury on December 14, 2018

Concussions are some of the most commonly seen traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. These injuries occur when something strikes the head or when external forces cause the head to collide with hard objects or surfaces. Some of the most common causes of concussions include car crashes, sports accidents, and interpersonal violence. Concussions affect everyone…

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What Is Infant Cephalohematoma? 

Published in Child Injury, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury on November 23, 2018

A child can sustain injuries in many ways during the birth process, and an uncommon but potentially dangerous condition that can result from a birth injury is infant cephalohematoma. This condition occurs in about 2% of all live births in the United States. While it is not definitively fatal or life-threatening, it may still cause…

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Most Dangerous Intersections in Boston

Published in Local News, Personal Injury on November 16, 2018

Massachusetts, especially the Boston area, has a long-standing reputation of being difficult for drivers. Traffic is very congested in most of the Boston metropolitan area, and several intersections are notorious for being some of the most dangerous areas for drivers. All drivers in the Boston area, both residents and visitors, should know the most dangerous…

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