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Boston Car Accident Lawyer

Key Takeaways About Hiring a Boston Car Accident Lawyer

  • An experienced car accident attorney who understands Massachusetts traffic laws can significantly affect the outcome of your case, ensuring you receive fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and suffering.

  • Hiring a Boston car accident attorney is crucial to handle legal services, provide critical insights, file claims, secure compensation, and interface with insurance companies. They can help you navigate the complexities of non-economic damages, insurance requirements, comparative fault laws, and types of car accident compensation.

  • Insurance companies often attempt to minimize payouts. A skilled lawyer can navigate these challenges and advocate for your rights, ensuring you receive the car accident compensation you deserve.
  • Navigating Massachusetts’ no-fault insurance system requires knowledge and expertise, especially in cases where suing the at-fault driver is necessary.

  • Victims are entitled to both economic and non-economic damages. This includes bills for medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

  • There is a three-year deadline to file a lawsuit for damages in Massachusetts, emphasizing the importance of timely legal action.

Do You Need to Hire a Boston Car Accident Lawyer?

Whether you are a new driver who just got your license or have been behind the wheel for years, driving safely is imperative every time you operate your car.

While most drivers adhere to the rules of the road, there are other drivers who may not uphold the duty of care they owe to those they share the roads with. Between 2012 and 2019, there were a total of 34,956 collisions reported in the city of Boston alone. That’s about 4,370 collisions a year, or 12 a day, inside city limits.

Unfortunately, no matter how safe of a driver you may be, there are other drivers who may be negligent and not uphold the duty of care they owe to those they share the roads with.

As a result of this negligence, you may find yourself in a damaging car accident and serious injuries. Unfortunately, there are other drivers who may be negligent and not uphold the duty of care they owe to those they share the roads with, often referred to as a negligent driver.

Engaging a motor vehicle accident attorney can provide the specialized legal support needed in the aftermath of a car crash.

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in Boston might be the last thing on your mind if you sustained injuries in a car accident. However, your lawyer can make a world of difference in recovering the fair financial compensation you need to move on with your life.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Boston, MA, you may be entitled to recover damages for your medical bills, lost wages, suffering, and more. At Sweeney Merrigan Law, we are dedicated to helping our clients after they have been the victims of motor vehicle accidents.

It is crucial for a car accident victim to seek immediate medical care and report the accident to authorities and insurance providers.

We believe that no one should ever have to pay for the bodily harm and losses caused by another negligent party. That is why we will build a strong car accident claim as you pursue justice for your car accident claim.

Get in touch with our award-winning team of Boston car accident attorneys at (617) 391-9001 to schedule a free consultation, or fill out our contact form.

Our experienced Massachusetts lawyers will fight to get the full amount you deserve. We’ll listen to your story and explain your options for moving forward with your case.

Were You or a Loved One Injured In a Car Accident?
Our experienced attorneys will fight to get the full amount you deserve. We’ll listen to your story and explain your options for moving forward.

Types Of Car Accident Cases We Handle

Any type of auto accident can have serious consequences, from a minor rear-end collision to a serious rollover crash. The type of accident in which you’re involved can ultimately impact your pursuit of compensation. Filing a car accident lawsuit can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It’s important to work with an auto accident attorney who has extensive experience representing clients who have been harmed in different types of motor vehicle crashes and can help you pursue the justice you are owed.

We have helped clients win millions in deserved compensation who have been injured in the following types of Boston car accidents:

Rear-end collisions account for 36.1% of all traffic accidents in Boston. Distracted driving and drunk driving are also significant contributors to accidents, with distracted driving alone accounting for 1,028 accidents between 2016 and 2019 in Boston.

Regardless of how you were hurt, our team is here to help. We’ve devoted our careers to helping injured clients across Boston.

Our team of legal professionals will launch a full investigation into the details of your unique personal injury case to better understand what type of car accident you were involved in and what the best approach to take is as we help you pursue the fair compensation and justice you deserve.

Car Accident Clients

4 Most Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries In Boston, MA

After an auto accident, many victims may question whether or not they need to get medical attention. Even if you do not immediately feel symptoms of a bodily injury or do not feel hurt at all, it is crucial that you get a professional opinion from a healthcare worker.

This is because many times, car crash victims may experience shock after the crash, preventing them from fully registering the injuries they may have suffered. Aside from being important to your overall health, it is also crucial you obtain medical care as a way to support your Boston car accident claim and support the fact that the negligence of the at-fault driver is directly at fault for the injuries you have suffered.

Additionally, it is also crucial you obtain medical care as a way to support your personal injury claim and consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Consulting with a personal injury attorney is a critical step in ensuring your car accident injuries are accurately documented and compensated.

Correctly identifying and documenting your auto accident injuries is extremely important if you plan to seek financial compensation from the other party or parties involved. To accomplish this, you will need to develop an understanding of the most common bodily harm incurred during car accidents. These injuries may include any of the following:

Whiplash and Spine Injuries

When your vehicle is stopped suddenly at any speed, you can experience whiplash, a condition caused by the sudden whip-like motion of your torso during the sudden change in velocity.

Typical symptoms of whiplash after a car accident include:

  • Stiff neck

  • Back pain or soreness

  • Headaches

  • Abnormal numbness, burning, tingling, or other sensations in the shoulders, hands, or arms

  • Memory problems

  • Loss of concentration

Due to its nature, whiplash typically affects the neck, shoulders, and upper spine the most, but it can also have adverse effects on the lower back, especially when left untreated.

According to a 2023 study by Science Direct, the number of crash-related whiplash injuries in the United States likely exceeds 1.2 million counts per year. Around 300,000 Americans who have suffered whiplash become disabled in some way due to pain and lack of proper treatment.

If you have experienced symptoms concurrent with those of whiplash, it is crucial you get medical care and contact one of our Boston car accident lawyers to begin the process of filing your claim. Additionally, consulting with a personal injury lawyer can provide you with the necessary legal guidance to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are perhaps the most common bodily injury that results from car and truck accidents. They can also be difficult to spot, particularly since victims may experience delayed symptoms.

However, some brain injuries—like penetrating head wounds and skull fractures—can be spotted right away by medical professionals, even if the victim doesn’t feel pain due to the shock of the accident.

This type of harm can have varied symptoms that reveal themselves at different times. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Impaired vision

  • Loss of memory

  • Frequent headaches

  • Changes in personality or behavior

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety or depression

Car accidents are frequently responsible for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and are caused by a traumatic physical event that causes a blow to the head, leading to a disruption of normal brain function. Auto accidents are a leading cause of TBI cases in the U.S.

If you have suffered any form of brain injury due to a car accident caused by a negligent party, you have the right to file a bodily injury claim and pursue the compensation you are owed for your devastating injuries. If you have suffered any form of brain injury due to a car accident, consulting with a traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of your motor vehicle accident claim.

Muscle, Tendon, and Ligament injuries

Internal injuries to the soft tissues, such as tendons, muscles, and ligaments, can be difficult to spot immediately following a car accident. This is especially true if you sustained more serious harm that had to be tended to right away. These types of injuries are likely to come back to haunt you in the days and weeks after an accident, with joint pain, muscle soreness, and decreased mobility.

Leaving soft tissue injuries untreated is a common mistake, especially since most victims don’t see them as particularly serious. However, damage to your soft tissue can worsen without treatments such as physical therapy, causing you to slowly lose your range of motion in the affected areas and, in some cases, render you completely immobile.

While this type of damage may not initially seem serious, it can cause extensive damage, and it is imperative to have it treated properly by a healthcare professional and to consult with an injury attorney who can assist with your claim.

Skin Injuries and Broken Bones

In many car accidents, external wounds like skin injuries are extremely common as victims are sometimes thrown from the vehicle or experience burns. Skin-related injuries such as burns are more likely to affect a motorcyclist in a crash than a person driving a vehicle. However, there’s still a significant chance of sustaining burns through exposure to hot surfaces, steam, or fluids during a collision.

Broken bones are also an extremely common outcome of car collisions, particularly if they are more serious. Generally, skin wounds and broken bones are more medically obvious to professionals following an accident than other injuries, making it easier to immediately include these in an accident report to be used in a lawsuit with the help of an accident attorney.

Severe Car Accident Injuries

As with all personal injury accidents, each case is different and there are various different ailments one may suffer due to the negligence of the party that caused your car accident. Depending on the year, anywhere between 25% and 31% of all reported traffic accidents in Boston result in non-fatal injuries. For example, in 2019, there were 1,110 injury accidents.

For this reason, it is crucial that car accident victims get medical care as soon as possible following a car crash.

Some of the other common types of injuries victims have suffered following a Boston car accident are as follows:

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Head and neck injuries

  • Concussions

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Back injuries

  • Amputations and loss of limbs

  • Chest injuries

  • Paralysis

  • Catastrophic injuries

  • Wrongful death

If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash in Boston, MA or nearby areas in Suffolk County, call our car accident attorneys today. We can arrange a virtual, free consultation or travel to you to talk about your options for recovering fair compensation to help get your life back on track.

It is our goal to help you pursue justice by applying our years of experience to your case and representing your rights through the dedicated legal counsel you deserve. For expert guidance and representation, call our Boston car accident law firm today to discuss your options for recovering fair compensation.

Were You or a Loved One Injured In a Car Accident?
Our experienced attorneys will fight to get the full amount you deserve. We’ll listen to your story and explain your options for moving forward.

What You Should Do After Being Involved In A Car Accident

After being involved in a traffic accident and reporting the incident, it’s essential to understand your legal options. Your case may require presenting evidence in court to prove the other party’s negligence. Additionally, you may need to file a claim with your insurance company to seek compensation for injuries sustained in the car accident.

Working with an experienced attorney can help you manage and navigate insurance claims, ensuring you follow the correct procedures and meet all necessary requirements. Working with a motor vehicle accident attorney can help you manage and navigate your car insurance claim, ensuring you follow the correct procedures and meet all necessary requirements.

Whether negotiating with an insurance provider or preparing for court, having a skilled lawyer by your side ensures your rights are protected.

Following a traffic accident in Boston:

  • Stay at the Accident Scene: It can be a crime to leave the scene of an accident in Massachusetts. Remain at or near the scene, but move to the side of the road, if possible.

  • Determine if Emergency Medical Attention is Required: Check to see if other accident victims need medical attention. If so, request an ambulance when you report the crash. Seek medical treatment if needed.

  • Report the Accident: Call the police and report the crash.

  • Collect Evidence: You should immediately take photos and videos of both vehicles directly after a car accident. If possible, try and collect statements from any eyewitnesses who are nearby.

  • Exchange Information: Exchange basic information and insurance company details with others involved in the wreck. Make sure to collect the other driver’s insurance company name and details.

  • Don’t Apologize or Admit Fault: You might think the crash is your fault or just feel the need to apologize. Resist the urge to act on those feelings. Admitting fault now could derail your injury case before it has a chance to get off the ground. Definitely don’t say those things in a recorded statement for an insurance company.

  • Be Hesitant to Accept Early Settlement Offers: Insurance companies might reach out with an offer to settle your claim not long after your accident. While getting cash in your hands now might be attractive, you’ll likely be barred from seeking additional compensation. At this point, it’s important to consult with your lawyer before accepting any offers.

  • Direct Communication to Your Lawyer: Let an experienced attorney handle your conversations with insurance companies and other parties. You focus on getting better. Leave the fight for compensation up to your trusted attorney.

You do not have to go through the Boston car accident claims process alone. It is imperative you have the help of a trusted legal professional who has experience navigating the complex Massachusetts personal injury system.

Our personal injury law firm is proud to provide clients with trusted legal counsel through our team of skilled Boston car accident lawyers. Regardless of the specific details of your car accident case, we can help you pursue the justice and fair compensation you deserve. It is imperative you have the help of a trusted legal professional who is well-versed in Massachusetts law to navigate the personal injury system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident Lawsuit Claims

When should I contact a Boston car accident attorney?

In the days following a car crash, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney right away. An attorney can help navigate initial billing issues with medical providers and will begin investigating your potential car accident claim. This includes preserving and securing evidence, speaking to witnesses, and contacting authorities. Contacting an attorney early will help you focus on your recovery while knowing your legal rights are being protected.

How do I know if I have a valid car accident claim in Massachusetts?

The only way to truly know if you have a valid car accident claim is to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer. Many people simply aren’t aware that they have a claim because they never spoke to a lawyer. Initial consultations with Boston car accident attorneys are free of charge, so there is no reason not to explore your potential rights through a consultation. Even if you don’t have a claim, consulting an attorney will be beneficial as it will prevent you from wondering years later whether you should have hired a lawyer.

What types of compensation can I recover in a car accident lawsuit in Boston?

In Massachusetts, compensation is available to cover medical expenses, lost wages and income, and pain and suffering. In some cases, including wrongful death claims, punitive damages are available. There are also claims available for spouses of loved ones through consortium claims.

How long do I have to file a car accident lawsuit in Massachusetts?

The statute of limitations varies from state to state, but most car accident cases in Massachusetts have a three-year statute of limitations. This means that if the case is not filed in court within three years from the date of the injury, then the time window has passed and the case is forever barred. However, some cases in Massachusetts have a much shorter period of time. For that reason, you should not delay in speaking to an knowledgable car accident attorney. There are also circumstances that require a notice letter to be sent to the potential defendant within a limited period of time.

Will my car accident case go to trial, or can it be settled out of court?

Ultimately, whether a car accident case goes to trial or settles out of court is a decision made by the client. Some clients want the certainty of an out-of-court settlement, while others need to tell their story at trial. Experienced car accident attorneys will always explain the advantages and disadvantages associated with going either route. Nonetheless, the vast majority of cases involving car accidents settle without the need for a trial in court.

Contact a Boston Car Accident Lawyer Today

Money is no guarantee that you’ll fully recover from your physical injuries. However, it can give you the financial security needed to get the best possible treatment and move on with your life.

Our trusted legal team of Boston car accident lawyers is led by our experienced co-managing partners, J. Tucker Merrigan and Peter M. Merrigan.

Tucker Merrigan has been a co-managing partner of the firm for over a decade. He has been recognized for his work in the Massachusetts legal system with awards that include:

  • Top 40 Under 40
  • National Trial Lawyers; 2020-2021
  • Top Attorney Award

Our other co-managing partner, Peter M. Merrigan, has been recognized for his work helping the communities of Boston through the following outlets:

  • 2018 Top 40 Under 40
  • National Trial Lawyers
  • 2021 Massachusetts “Super Lawyer”

If you or a loved one were hurt in a crash, reach out to a car accident attorney at Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

We have the experience you need to get the full and fair compensation your family deserves. You can call a car accident lawyer in Boston at (617) 391-9001 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

WATCH: Peter and Tucker Merrigan share invaluable insights for victims of car accidents who need legal help.

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