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Boston Daycare Injury Lawyer

When you drop your child off at daycare for the day, you are doing so with the trust that the business and staff of trained professionals will watch over them diligently. While you work and attend to household chores, your Boston daycare is expected to adhere to a certain standard of care for your child. This standard ensures they are fed, clothed, and kept safe until you return later.

When your child is injured at daycare, this can not only be traumatizing for the child but also leave you with feelings of confusion and doubt. If your child was injured due to the negligence of the daycare company or staff, it is within your rights to file a claim and receive compensation on behalf of your child. Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help navigate you through the process and get you the compensation your family deserves to move forward. To speak to a dedicated and knowledgeable Boston daycare injury attorney about your case today, call 617-391-9001 or fill out our contact form.

Who May Be Liable for a Boston Daycare Injury?

In the case of a daycare injury, liability will be established through the four guiding components of negligence. This includes standard of care, breach of care, causation, and damages. The owed duty of care at a daycare is to keep your children safe. When this is breached due to reckless behavior on behalf of the staff and your child is injured as a direct result, the daycare may be found liable. Daycare employees are not usually independent contractors, meaning the company can be found responsible on their behalf.

In addition to the negligent actions of a specific staff member, your attorney may also find the company has directly exhibited negligent behavior, including:

  • Failure to adequately supervise staff
  • Negligent retention of an employee
  • Negligent hire of an employee

Proving this negligence in court with the help of a Boston daycare injury lawyer leaves you entitled to economic and non-economic damages for your suffering.

How a Boston Daycare Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Case

To ensure your case is treated with the attention and respect it deserves, partner with Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers. While you focus on your recovering child, Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers will get to work, proudly offering the following services:

High Settlement

The insurance companies are not your friend and will attempt to give you the lowest settlement possible. With daycare injuries specifically, there is a lot of trauma involved. Any injury or accident with your child can take a severe toll on your mental health, and a small settlement from the insurance company will not take that into consideration. When you file a claim with your attorney by your side, you are looking at a higher settlement that adequately covers the costs of the accident.

Damages can include any past, current, or future medical bills, your lost wages, physical therapy, prescription medication cost, anxiety, stress disorders, and more. Our Massachusetts firm will fight to get you every penny you deserve.

Extensive Knowledge

With over 45 years of combined experience, Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers offers extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts personal injury claim system. This includes the proper paperwork to file, knowledge of the local legal system, and the current filing deadline. The statute of limitations in Boston is currently three years from the date of the injury.

As soon as you have identified that your child has been negligently injured at daycare, you have three years to have filed a claim. If you are confused about the date or your deadline is rapidly approaching, our attorneys are here to help you as soon as possible.

Conduct Proper Investigation

To fully demonstrate negligence, we will conduct a proper investigation. This includes gathering evidence, assessing evidence, and speaking with eyewitnesses. Your attorney will use information like photographic evidence, security camera footage, staff contracts, and expert testimony to build your case and demonstrate that your child would not have been injured if the daycare had not exhibited reckless behavior.

It is essential to seek immediate medical attention for your child the moment you notice they are injured. It can be hard to identify child injuries sometimes due to their inability to communicate effectively. Having their injuries documented and addressed will only help strengthen your claim and further secure your family’s right to compensation.

Speak With a Dedicated Boston Daycare Injury Lawyer Now

Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers is here and equipped to handle the sensitivity surrounding a daycare injury. We are prepared to listen with compassionate ears and then go out and fight tooth and nail for the justice and financial compensation your family deserves to start fresh. Our firm has proudly served the Boston area for many years and has put together a team of award-winning attorneys, including co-managing partner and Super Lawyer, Peter M. Merrigan.

To start the process today and get one step closer to your settlement, give our Boston daycare injury attorneys a call at 617-391-9001 or fill out our contact form.

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