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Paragard is one of five different intrauterine devices available in the United States and is the only non-hormonal option. Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta and Skyla are IUDs that work by using the hormone levonorgestrel. The Paragard IUD has been around since the 1980s, but the copper birth control device has been back in the news this year because of lawsuits that claim the device can break and imbed in other organs.  

Paragard isn’t the first IUD to make headlines for lawsuits, either. Thousands of women filed lawsuits against Bayer claiming the Mirena IUD migrated from the uterus and perforated organs. These women required surgery to treat complications, and this resulted in a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the victims’ favor.

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If the Paragard IUD was responsible for your injury or the death of a loved one, you may legally deserve compensation for your losses, which could include:

We know how expensive, emotionally damaging, and physically traumatic injuries like these can be can be. We also know that medical device companies must be held responsible for their errors in order to create a safer and more just world. We want to stand up with you against these negligent businesses to make certain that these mistakes don’t harm future patients.

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It can be difficult to know if post-surgery complications were caused by a defective medical device, such as an IUD. The best way to learn more about your case is to speak with an experienced defective medical device attorney about the details of your case.

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