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Boston DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyer

Boston DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyer

DePuy Orthopedics, Inc. was the first orthopedic company in the United States and has been a leader in hip replacement technologies and procedures for over 40 years. Their patented DePuy Hip systems use Porocoat Porous Coating techniques and innovative design methods to create synthetic hips that are intended to relieve hip osteoarthritis pain and promote increased mobility.

DePuy has come up with a number of new hip device solutions intended to increase mobility in younger hip replacement patients, including:

  • ASR resurfacing device
  • ASR total hip replacement
  • The Pinnacle Hip Replacement System

DePuy systems have traditionally used plastics and ceramics, but newer devices only use titanium and cobalt chrome. Metal-on-metal hip replacements were meant to provide increased mobility and durability, but have unfortunately have some serious side effects. Older DePuy hip systems have historically made a big difference to those suffering from painful or stiff hip joints, but their newest hip systems have caused a widespread outbreak of unsatisfied patients who need to have their DePuy hips surgically removed due to severe adverse reactions.

Doctors and orthopedic physicians suggest revision surgeries in the case of adverse effects of DePuy hips to prevent metallosis (metal poisoning), but more so to curb further deterioration of damaged bone, muscles, and nerves.

Risks Associated with DePuy Hip Systems

Risks Associated with DePuy Hip Systems

Following the debut of the three most recent DePuy hip systems, there have been complaints about hip device failures, metallosis, infection, immobility, and dislocation. There are inherent structural flaws in the new DePuy hip systems, all of which point back to the metal-on-metal approach that DePuy took. The new metal-on-metal systems seem to be resulting in increased amounts of metal debris in the body, leading to blood poisoning and injury.

While the DePuy metal-on-metal hip systems were originally designed to last longer than previous ceramic and plastic models, they’ve quickly been recalled due to mass amounts of complaints about pain and illness associated with the DePuy hip. It appears that the metal-on-metal hip system wears the metal parts of the hip away as the ball and cup collide and rub against each other.

In an ideal situation, the ball and cup of the hip do not actually touch – however, this is rarely the case since the ASR system has proven to be prone to edge-loading, where the ball exerts too much pressure on the cup’s edge. Over time, tiny metal particles will wear away due to regular movement. This corrosion is what causes inflammation, joint pain, and metal poisoning in the bloodstream.

Symptoms associated with the DePuy hip have been known to include:

  • Infection
  • Hip/groin pain
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Decreased ability to walk
  • Bone loss or fracture
  • Metallosis

Pain surrounding the hip replacement, as well as illnesses in other parts of the body, have increasingly been pinpointed back to the recent implantations of the metal-on-metal DePuy hip systems.

Lawsuits Against the DePuy Hip

As more and more people begin to suffer pain and serious illness because of the DePuy hip system, thousands of lawsuits are cropping up against the company and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson. Patients are suing after experiencing health problems related to their recent DePuy hip replacement, claiming the product design is harmful and ineffectual.

People everywhere are beginning to speak out against DePuy for their lack of proper system testing before marketing. If you or someone you know has been complaining of painful adverse effects after having a DePuy hip system placed, the professional team of attorneys at Sweeney Merrigan Law can help. We’ve seen a recent influx in problems associated with the DePuy hip, and we have the resources and insight to make a difference in your personal case. Contact us online or call (617)-391-9001 for help.

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