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Boston Electronic Cigarette Injury Lawyer

Since they landed on the market in 2004, electronic cigarettes have grown exponentially in popularity and sales around the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 21 percent of smokers and 6 percent of non-smokers in the United States had tried e-cigarettes by 2011, and those numbers have increased significantly over the past six years. Currently there are hundreds of e-cigarette manufacturers around the world, all a part of a billion-dollar industry.

The most concerning issue regarding e-cigarettes is that the product is fairly new. This means that:

  • Little is known about the dangers of e-cigarettes
  • There are relatively few laws and regulations concerning e-cigarettes.

As “vaping” becomes more and more popular, especially among pre-teens and teens, more and more facts are emerging about the dangers of e-cigarettes. It is vitally important that as our knowledge about these concerns grows, we make sure that negligent parties are held accountable for their actions and that all possible steps are taken to ensure that e-cigarette products are regulated properly and safe to use.

If you or a loved one have been harmed by smoking e-cigarettes or using e-cigarette products, it is imperative that you know your rights and collect any compensation that you deserve. It is also imperative that you share your story, so that what happened to you does not happen to others.

The Dangers of Exploding Electronic Cigarettes in Boston

By now, most everyone is familiar with the dangers of traditional tobacco cigarettes. But much less is known about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. While vaping is marketed as a safer way to ingest nicotine and as a way to quit or reduce cigarette smoking, there is little evidence so far backing up that claim. However, there is mounting evidence that e-cigarettes can be harmful in other ways. Perhaps the biggest concern is that the devices can explode during use, leading to painful injuries, scarring, and even disability.

According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there have been at least 134 reported incidents of e-cigarette batteries overheating, catching on fire or exploding in the United States between 2009 and 20015. At least 50 of these adverse events involved personal injury and at least 67 involved property damage outside of the e-cigarette and charger involved.

So far, research has shown that these fires and explosions are related to the use of a lithium battery. If the battery is charged incorrectly, used with an incompatible device, or shorted out for some reason, accidents and injuries can follow, with the e-cigarette often turning into a “flaming rocket” according to a FEMA report. 80 percent of these accidents take place while the e-cigarette is charging, but a full 10 percent occur while the e-cigarette is in use, causing harm to the user.

The most common injuries reported from e-cigarette explosions include:

  • Burns on the mouth and face.
  • Burns on the fingers and hands.
  • Burns and smoke inhalation from fires started by e-cigarettes and their charges.
  • Chemical burns.

The FDA is currently investigating the safety concerns surrounding e-cigarettes and explosions, along with whether further regulation, warnings, or safety standards are needed. Currently, the electronics and batteries involved in e-cigarettes don’t undergo any product safety testing.

Other E-Cigarette Health Concerns

In addition to e-cigarette explosions, other concerns have been raised about the safety of e-cigarettes. Specifically, people around the world have reported issues with:

  • The dangers of the chemicals contained in the vapors. Many e-cigarette liquid refills contain a certain chemical called diacetyl. This chemical, which is used for flavoring, has been linked to the respiratory disease bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as popcorn lung.
  • The dangerous of liquid nicotine. Even extremely small amounts of liquid nicotine can be fatal. So far, at least two people have used liquid nicotine from e-cigarette pack in order to commit suicide, while one one-year-old baby in New York has been killed from ingesting liquid nicotine in recent years. Currently, there are few regulations about child-safe packaging for e-cigarettes or liquid refills.
  • The lack of e-cigarette warning labels. The FDA only recently began regulating e-cigarette, and many don’t believe that the products’ packaging contains enough information to keep users educated and knowledgeable about the cigarette and the substance that they are using.

Contact an Experienced Boston E-Cigarette Attorney to Learn Your Rights

The more we know about the harm that e-cigarettes cause, the more likely we can begin to correctly regulate the products and reduce injury. For this reason, as well as so that you can get the compensation you deserve, it is important to report your accident and file a claim. Not only can you prevent a similar accident like this from happening to someone else, you can also collect damages for:

  • Your related medical bill, past and future.
  • Your lost wages.
  • Your pain and suffering.
  • Your loss of quality of life.
  • Your property damage.

We offer free, confidential appointments to the victims of e-cigarette injuries and their families. To speak to an injury attorney about your case, either to ask a question or schedule a consultation, please call the Boston Personal Injury Attorneys at Sweeney Merrigan Law today at (617)-391-9001.

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