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Cape Cod Surgical Error Lawyer

When you receive a surgical procedure from a doctor, you are trusting a healthcare professional with your body and your health. You spend time making a careful and considerate decision about who you trust to perform the surgery and are owed a standard of professionalism and care. When this care is breached through a reckless and negligent surgical error, not only has your trust been broken, but you now must deal with health repercussions.

Nobody should be put through the turmoil and side effects of a surgical error. If you have fallen victim to a medical malpractice case, the team at Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers urges you to reach out immediately. With decades of experience and documented successes, our Cape Cod surgical error attorneys possess the compassion and knowledge to get your life back on track through financial compensation and justice. For a better idea of how we can help, please call our Cape Cod, Massachusetts office at 617-391-9001 or use a contact form.

What Constitutes a Medical Malpractice Case in Cape Cod, MA?

Medical malpractice is a form of personal injury that involves a medical error on behalf of a healthcare professional. This can include your doctor, nurse, oral surgeon, telehealth doctor, pharmacist, or more. When it comes to a surgical error, a medical malpractice case is made when the healthcare professional is found to have demonstrated the four components of negligence, including:

  • Duty of care: When you go in for a surgical procedure, it is expected the correct area be operated on and done so by a professional.
  • Breach: When an incorrect part of the body is operated on or the wrong procedure is done, this care is said to have been breached. This also goes for any surgery conducted by the incorrect party or a party intoxicated by an illegal substance.
  • Cause or link: When this breach directly affects your health and results in your injury, unnecessary surgical complications, and more time spent at the healthcare facility than expected, the negligent actions may be linked with your injuries.
  • Damages: Any sustained complications leave you eligible to file a medical malpractice claim against the at-fault party.

It is important to note that poor health does not necessarily reflect the doctor’s care. Receiving results you are unsatisfied with does not qualify as medical malpractice. Your Cape Cod surgical error lawyer can help review your case if you have specific questions about the qualifications of your surgical error.

Common Mistakes Made by Victims of Surgical Errors

When it comes time to take legal recourse for your surgical error, you may not know where to begin. Navigating an injury and recovery while attempting to get the justice and peace of mind you need to move can result in easy mistakes. To avoid them, please see the list of the following common mistakes made after a surgical error:

Not Collecting Evidence

To demonstrate negligence has occurred, you will need to have collected and assessed appropriate evidence. This can include medical reports detailing the intended surgery and then the actual surgery you received, photographs or video evidence of the results, eyewitness testimony, and other healthcare professionals’ opinions.

Gathering evidence can be challenging, especially when you are injured or don’t know what is necessary. When you have a representative from Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers on your side, you are giving yourself access to a qualified Cape Cod surgical error attorney who will immediately begin an investigation. Using their resources, your attorney will collect time-sensitive evidence like expert testimony, employee records, and more.

Not Filing on Time

The current statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice claim in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is three years from the accident. Medical malpractice claims can be tricky, as you can sometimes go weeks, months, or even years without realizing a surgical error has occurred.

When you partner with a knowledgeable attorney, you don’t have to worry about filing after the deadline, having your case dismissed, or not including the correct documentation. The sooner you file, the better, as your evidence will still hold up.

Not Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The biggest mistake made is not hiring a Cape Cod surgical error  lawyer. While you can file a claim on your own, the likelihood is that your case will be dismissed or you will be given a settlement that does not cover the true costs of your injuries. When you hire a Cape Cod surgical error lawyer, you are hiring someone to help with your scheduling, file your appropriate paperwork, fight for adequate damages, and even take your case to court if need be.

Injured as a Result of a Surgical Error? A Cape Cod, MA Attorney Can Help

Don’t suffer alone. Nobody should have to deal with the financial ramifications of a surgical error on their own. The attorneys at Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers in Cape Cod have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in compensation for their medical malpractice claims and would love to do the same for you. Our team is composed of expert attorneys, like Jessica M. Gray, who has years of experience and documented successes.

To schedule a free consultation today and get the process started, please call our office at 617-391-9001 or use an online contact form.

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