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Cape Cod Truck Accident Attorney

Sharing the road with big rigs can end in devastating auto accidents if someone is negligent. Despite having a legal duty to reasonably uphold the safety of others, trucking companies and their drivers often breach their obligations and cause tragedies. Our Cape Cod truck accident lawyers advocate for the rights of injured crash victims. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have been in a truck or another commercial vehicle accident.

Why Choose Us for Cape Cod Truck Accident Claims?

  • We keep the safety of our community at the forefront of all we do.
  • We have 30-plus years of experience handling truck accident claims.
  • We secure the results our clients need through hard work and dedication.
  • We use personalized legal strategies to achieve our clients’ unique goals.
  • We only charge for Cape Cod truck accident claims if we win the client compensation.

What Causes Truck Accidents in Cape Cod?

Most truck accidents are harmful enough to give victims the right to file injury lawsuits outside of Massachusetts’ no-fault insurance system. To bring a claim outside of the insurance system, a plaintiff must have serious or debilitating injuries. The threshold in Massachusetts is at least $2,000 in reasonable medical expenses. If you have the right to bring a third-party claim, you or your lawyer will need to identify the cause of the crash and the party responsible.

  • Reckless truck driving
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Operator error
  • Unlicensed truck driver
  • Broken federal regulations
  • Unsafe merge
  • Poorly loaded or secured cargo
  • Truck part defect
  • Lack of truck maintenance
  • Dangerous roadway

At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we have the tools and personnel to thoroughly investigate our clients’ traffic accidents. An investigation of your truck accident could involve an analysis of police reports, eyewitness statements, photographs, videos, electronic logging devices, the truck’s black box and medical records. With this information, we may be able to name a defendant and file an insurance claim or injury suit on your behalf.

How to Deal With an Insurance Company After a Truck Accident

Be cautious when speaking to insurance companies and their claims adjusters in the aftermath of a truck accident. The truck company’s insurance carrier is not on your side. The adjuster may try to convince you to settle for as little as possible. Keep several tips in mind when speaking to claims adjusters.

  • Do not admit fault for the truck accident. Stick to the known facts of the case rather than guesses or speculation.
  • Keep your answers short. Avoid lengthy, narrative answers to the adjuster’s questions. Only give the information requested.
  • Politely refuse to give a recorded statement. This is not a legal requirement and could give the insurance company a means to portray you as an unreliable witness.
  • Do not accept the first settlement offer. Instead of saying yes right away, take the offer to a truck accident lawyer for a review. It could be less than your injuries demand.
  • Let a lawyer take over negotiations for you. If the adjuster is not handling your case fairly, hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

The average trucking company in Massachusetts has plenty of resources to combat a personal injury claim. The best way to match a company’s resources with your own is by hiring an attorney. An injury lawyer could communicate with an adjuster for you, decreasing the odds of someone taking advantage of you.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Near You in Cape Cod

Contact Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible after getting into a truck accident in Cape Cod. You could be eligible for an award to cover your past and future losses. A successful claim could repay you for your vehicle damages, lost wages, medical expenses and more. Call (617) 391-9001 today or use our online form and we will get back to you right away.

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