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Dover Birth Injury Lawyer

A birth injury refers to harm that a baby suffers before, during, or directly after childbirth. Birth Injury Guide reports that for every 1,000 babies born in the United States, around 6 to 8 suffer harmful birth injuries. The severity of these injuries depends on several factors, such as the baby’s weight, the length of labor, and whether the medical staff conducted proper techniques. It’s up to the doctors to accurately communicate and act on any complications that arise. 

Unfortunately, there are some instances where a medical professional fails to properly address complications, which may inflict a severe birth injury on the baby. Our Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers understand the challenges a traumatic birth inflicts on the baby and the family. We believe you deserve compensation and justice for the responsible party’s negligence. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, so you and your family won’t have to pay for our services until you receive the compensation you deserve. Speak with one of our Dover birth injury attorneys by calling 617-391-9001 or by filling out our contact form

Most Common Types of Birth Injuries in Dover, NH

While some individuals may have trustworthy medical professionals by their side, others suffer the consequences of an untrained or careless doctor. There are various types of birth injuries a baby may suffer from a negligent medical professional. 

The following are examples of some more common birth injuries:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain damage
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Kernicterus
  • Intrauterine fetal demise
  • Newborn jaundice
  • Vacuum extraction complications
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)

Whether a doctor improperly performed medical procedures or failed to monitor the patient, if a physician does not follow the rules and training for birth and causes a harmful birth injury, you have the right to hold them accountable for their actions. Seek a professional legal representative as soon as possible so you may start your investigation and seek justice.

Signs Your Child May Suffer From a Birth Injury

Not all birth injuries will present themselves right after childbirth. In some cases, a birth injury symptom may not arise until a year or two after birth. It’s essential for parents to have an awareness of the signs of a potential birth injury. The following are some immediate symptoms of a birth injury:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Weak reflexes
  • Arched back while crying
  • Difficulty eating, swallowing, or suckling
  • Hand curled into a claw-like shape
  • High-pitched crying
  • Loose or stiff muscles
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Low heart rate
  • Low oxygen levels

Seizures and skull fractures are some of the most important symptoms and injuries to watch out for after delivery. If not properly monitored and treated, the brain damage could be extremely severe. 

The symptoms of a brain injury may lie latent and present themselves when your child misses critical developmental milestones. There may also be signs of brain and nerve damage through physical inabilities. Consider some examples of birth injuries after one year:

  • Lack of muscle control
  • Loss of bodily movements
  • Difficulty crawling or walking
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Hypertonia
  • Tremors or shakiness
  • Poor hand-mouth and hand-eye coordination
  • Blindness, deafness, or muteness
  • Difficulty eating, drinking, or grasping utensils
  • Speech development and comprehension delays

Contact your doctor if your child exhibits any of the above symptoms. When a birth injury goes untreated for an extended period of time, the damage may become life-threatening or cause significant disabilities. 

What to Do When Your Child Suffers a Birth Injury

A birth injury may turn your life upside down and burden your family. Instead of enjoying precious moments with your new baby, you have to handle the stress of a birth injury. The following are a few steps to help you navigate the painful experience: 

  • Speak with your physician
  • Keep track of documents
  • Take pictures and videos
  • Contact your Dover birth injury lawyer

When you have a team of legal professionals on your side, you may trust them to provide you with the best possible outcome for your claim. You shouldn’t have to face the challenges of a birth injury alone, and our team at Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers will protect you and your rights.

Speak With an Experienced Sweeney Merrigan Dover Birth Injury Lawyer

A birth injury may cause debilitating injuries requiring long-term medical care. The hardships your family faces deserve compensation and justice. Going up against medical professionals in a legal setting may be extremely difficult without an experienced Dover birth injury attorney guiding you through the process. The strategies and defenses may pose a significant threat to your claim and put your compensation at risk. 

When you work with our Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, you have a team with over 45 years of combined legal experience. Within our medical malpractice team, attorney Kyle A. Camilleri was named a Rising Star by SuperLawyers and can help you with your birth injury claim. Whether you’re unsure about seeking legal action or are ready to start your investigation, set up a free consultation by calling 617-391-9001 or by completing our contact form today.

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