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Lowell Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction workers wear helmets and other safety equipment while working because there is some risk of injury, but what happens if a layperson is in the vicinity without the appropriate preparation? In certain circumstances, machinery and protective equipment may not be appropriately used, putting additional risk on everyone in the surrounding areas. Construction accidents might occur due to a lack of communication between employees, a manufacturing error, or ill-taught workers misusing equipment, among other cases.

If you get into a construction accident in Lowell, you will likely face severe injuries and steep medical bills due to another person’s negligence or irresponsibility. When you face complex circumstances, Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers can offer valuable assistance. Our construction accident lawyers have access to helpful and proven resources, strategies, and tools you can utilize during legal matters. You can get in touch by calling (617) 391-9001 or completing our contact form.

Who Is Liable for Construction Accident Injuries in Lowell?

Whenever you get into a construction accident, it is essential to determine who is responsible for your injuries and other losses. Often, finding out who is liable and taking legal action against these parties is the only way to receive fair compensation. We recommend you consider each of the following individuals before taking any action:

  • Construction employers
  • Employees on the premises
  • Owners or renters of the property
  • City government
  • Vehicle drivers
  • Passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Parts or machinery manufacturers
  • Any other individuals who are present

If you are still determining who is responsible for your damages and losses, we recommend you work with a lawyer for assistance. In some cases, more than one party may be liable, and holding the responsible individuals accountable for their actions is essential. Your attorney can help you in several ways during your legal proceedings.

What Steps Should You Follow After a Construction Accident in Lowell, Massachusetts?

We strongly encourage you to take the correct actions whenever you face injuries and potential insurance or legal issues. In the aftermath of a construction accident, we recommend you follow a few essential steps. These can help you receive adequate compensation, especially if you are open to taking the appropriate legal action.

Receive Medical Care

Following any incident where you receive severe injuries, we suggest you receive medical care from a trusted practitioner as soon as possible. We recommend visiting a hospital, urgent care, or other emergency care facility in emergencies. Your doctors can help you identify causes, find latent injuries, recommend treatments, provide referrals, and much more during this difficult time. Receiving medical care is essential to your long-term recovery. If you need help finding a trustworthy medical professional, a lawyer may provide you with a referral.

Collect Relevant Information

Whenever you take legal action, collecting all relevant documents and information is crucial. In the case of a construction accident, we recommend you gather all records about your insurance policy, medical bills and related paperwork, videos, photographs, income fluctuation information, and contact information from you and any witnesses. If you bring these to a legal consultation, these will help your lawyer get started on your case more quickly and help them increase your chances of success.

Avoid Discussing Your Case With Others

While you may feel comfortable speaking with friends or family about your legal circumstances, we recommend you refrain from discussing your case with anyone. The only exception to this rule is speaking with an attorney who can help with your legal matters. Anything you say to others may be used against you, but the attorney-client relationship brings a greater likelihood of risk mitigation and privacy protection. This allows you to discuss all relevant points, improve your standing in the case, and reduce stress.

Stay Off Social Media Platforms

Not many individuals know that social media can affect legal proceedings, so we recommend our clients avoid using and posting on their accounts during these matters. Anything you post, including comments and photographs, can be used against you. We suggest you log out of and disable your accounts to avoid any mistakes and reduce risk factors.

Speak With and Retain a Construction Accident Lawyer

We strongly recommend you speak with a lawyer for assistance when facing legal matters. In the case of a severe injury following an incident in a construction zone, we suggest you work with a construction accident attorney in Lowell. Your lawyer can help you in several ways during the legal process, including speaking on your behalf, collecting evidence, and building solid arguments in your favor.

We recommend you refrain from representing yourself during legal proceedings, as self-representation has too many risks. Most construction accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay when you win your case. You can receive compensation for legal fees, allowing you to avoid out-of-pocket expenses while you focus on your recovery.

Severe Injuries After a Construction Accident in Lowell, MA? Get the Help You Need From Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers

If you face severe injuries following a construction accident in Lowell, you will likely benefit from contacting Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers. Our construction accident attorneys have over 45 years of legal experience, and we can give you valuable assistance. Many of our construction accident lawyers—including attorney Dylan Hixson—have extensive legal education and professional associations, giving us the necessary connections and knowledge to help you.

Our lawyers hold impressive accolades from outlets such as Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers, so you can trust us to bring you excellent results. You can get in touch with us by calling (617) 391-9001 or completing the contact form available on our website. Speaking with our team is an excellent way to gain clarity and discuss the details of your case, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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