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Nashua Truck Accident Attorney

A collision with a large truck is most drivers’ worst nightmare. Commercial trucks can far exceed passenger cars in terms of weight, height and length – making accidents often catastrophic for smaller passenger vehicles. If you were in a truck accident or lost a loved one in this type of tragedy, contact us to discuss case representation. Our Nashua truck accident lawyers may be able to help you obtain maximum compensation for your serious losses.

Benefits of Choosing Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP

  • You will have a lawyer who can secure top results on your behalf through methods such as personalized services, aggressive negotiations and representation at trial.
  • You will stay in constant contact with your truck accident attorney. We believe in communicating openly, honestly and often with our clients during their claims.
  • You will have confidence in your lawyer. We have won multiple awards, including Most Powerful Attorney, and have numerous positive client testimonials.
  • You will not pay your lawyer unless he or she succeeds in obtaining you a financial award. Our Nashua truck accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

Why You Need an Attorney’s Help for Nashua Truck Accident Cases

Truck companies and their insurance corporations generally do not make the claims process easy for accident victims. Their goal is typically to save money, not maximize a claimant’s payout. Protect your rights and fight insurance bad faith by hiring a truck accident attorney. A lawyer representing you during insurance claim deliberations or an injury lawsuit could ensure someone is voicing your rights and looking out for your best interests. Your attorney can argue for maximum compensation on your behalf while you are working on your recovery.

How to File a Truck Accident Claim in New Hampshire

Like most states, New Hampshire obeys fault laws when it comes to vehicle accident claims. After a traffic accident, you will seek compensation from the party at fault for causing the collision. In a truck accident, the identity of the at-fault party might not be as simple as the person who caused the crash. Under vicarious liability laws, the trucking company could be liable for the negligence of its drivers.

If a negligent or reckless truck driver caused your wreck in Nashua, you will most likely bring your claim against the trucking company. The trucking company might also act as the defendant during your claim if an investigation shows it was directly at fault for your accident, such as by failing to properly train its drivers or maintain its fleet trucks. Other defendants could include a vehicle part manufacturer or the City of Nashua.

Once you or your lawyer identifies the correct defendant(s), you will file your claim against that party. Your lawyer can fill out and submit the correct paperwork at the Hillsborough County civil courthouse on your behalf. You must act within three years of the date of your truck accident. This is the statute of limitations in personal injury cases in New Hampshire. Otherwise, the courts may deny your case. After you file, your lawyer can handle case negotiations from there.

Contact a Nashua Truck Accident Lawyer Today

With our assistance, you and your family may be able to hold a trucking company or another party liable for your accident-related damages. A settlement or judgment award in Nashua could pay for your past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, hospital expenses, legal costs, vehicle repairs, a loved one’s wrongful death, and more. Discuss the value of your case with our lawyers at Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP today.

If you were injured in a truck accident, please call (617) 391-9001 to request a free consultation with our attorneys. We also respond promptly to messages sent through our online form. We may be able to help you finally move forward after a serious truck accident in Nashua.

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