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Worcester Uber and Lyft Accident Attorney

Ridesharing is one of the most popular ways to get around Worcester, Massachusetts. Ridesharing uses apps to allow consumers to request transportation on demand. Uber and Lyft are the two largest rideshare companies as of 2020, with millions of drivers collectively on the roads in the US each day. Unfortunately, these drivers are not always the safest or most prudent. If you have injuries from a Worcester Uber or Lyft accident, find out who might owe you financial compensation. Contact Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP for a free consultation near you.

Why Do Clients Choose Us?

  • We have a total of more than 100 years of combined personal injury legal experience among our attorneys. We understand the requirements of the claims process.
  • We work hard to attain the results our clients need financially but also go a step further to address their physical and emotional needs.
  • We never charge upfront on Worcester Uber and Lyft accident cases. Our Boston personal injury lawyers take clients on a contingency fee basis.

Who Is Responsible for Your Damages?

Both Uber and Lyft have insurance policies with $1 million maximum coverage limits to pay for victims’ damages after rideshare accidents. This insurance will only cover damages, however, if the rideshare driver was logged into the app at the time of the crash. You might only be able to file a claim with Uber or Lyft after seeking initial compensation from the driver’s individual insurance plan. Our uber and lyft accident lawyers can help you identify who might be responsible for paying for your losses.

  • Uber/Lyft. It is rare for a crash victim to have grounds for a claim against the rideshare company directly. Uber and Lyft avoid liability for most crashes by classifying their drivers as independent contractors. You might have a case, however, if the company itself contributed to your accident, such as by negligently hiring a driver with a criminal history.
  • A third-party driver. Many rideshare accidents involve the negligence and liability of a driver outside of the Uber or Lyft vehicle. If a third-party driver caused your car accident in Worcester, that driver might be liable for your damages. The rideshare company’s insurance may kick in to cover your damages if the driver does not have enough insurance.
  • The government. You might have grounds for a lawsuit against the government in Massachusetts if a defective or dangerously designed roadway contributed to your Uber or Lyft accident. If a malfunctioning traffic light caused your driver to run a red light, for instance, the City of Worcester might bear at least partial liability for your damages.

Fault and liability are complicated matters during the average Uber or Lyft accident claim in Massachusetts. Since the state uses no-fault insurance laws, you might not need to worry about the fault. You could recover enough compensation for your damages through a first-party claim without needing to prove negligence. If your injuries are serious, however, a tort-based claim could be the only way to obtain full compensation.

How Can We Help?

The Worcester Uber and Lyft accident lawyers at Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP have years of experience handling these types of claims for clients throughout the Commonwealth. We understand how Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies apply to rideshare accidents, as well as the average rider’s rights to compensation after a traffic collision. Our attorneys may be able to help you navigate this complicated practice area and pursue maximum recovery for your damages. We can determine fault, file the right type of claim on your behalf, and help you pursue a case against one or multiple defendants.

Contact Our Uber and Lyft Accident Attorneys in Worcester Today

At Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP, we dive into each claim we accept, making ourselves available around the clock to communicate with clients and answer their questions. Find out if you have grounds for an Uber or Lyft accident claim in Worcester, and how we may be able to help you if so, during a free consultation with our attorneys. Contact us today.

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