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10 Weird Laws in Massachusetts

Published in Local News on November 28, 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When a state legislature passes laws, they often stay on the books long past the time they are relevant. This results in some very odd laws that are technically still enforceable. While we may not understand them, at one point these laws made sense. Massachusetts has its fair share of such laws. Here are some examples of laws that seem very odd or out of place in the modern era.

1. Mind Your Language!

Has another driver cut you off on the road? Has someone bumped you as you walked to work? Be careful how you react; cursing may land you in jail.

2. We Shall Duel To the Death!

If your honor has been insulted, you have the option of dueling your foe to the death. Just make sure the governor gets his invitation or you have to call the whole thing off.

3. I Can’t Bring My Lion To The Movie?

Who doesn’t want to catch the latest show with their pet lion? It’s the family event of the year. Sadly, you have to leave your pet at home according to Massachusetts law.

4. Get a Prescription for Your Bath So You Can Sleep!

Bostonians need to make sure they go to the doctor before bedtime. They need a prescription to take a bath, but can’t go to bed until they’ve bathed!

5. Do You Have a License for That Facial Hair?

Considering trimming your beard down to something close to the mouth? Make sure you apply for a license or the police may arrest you just for trimming your goatee.

6. You’re Under Arrest for Scaring That Bird.

Every day you go to work, you’re surrounded by an army of pigeons waddling away on the sidewalk in front of you. Just don’t scare any of them, or it could mean jail time!

7. Do Not Deck Your Halls.

Does your family celebrate Christmas? Well, stop now or you risk a fine. The state declared the holiday illegal in 1659. Just imagine the interest on all those Christmas fines you may owe if they catch you.

8. Excuse Me, But Is That a Violin or a Fiddle?

Most people don’t realize that they are the same instrument. The difference lies in the style of play. Just make sure the police don’t catch you fiddling because they could arrest you for it.

9. My Rooster Just Wanted a Donut, Officer.

You take your pet rooster everywhere with you, but make sure you leave him in the car if you stop by a bakery, as the animal isn’t allowed to enter the establishment.

10. Officer, He Refused To Take Out His Dentures!

If you’ve come to the point in life where you wear false teeth, be mindful of removing them before engaging in sexual intercourse. Otherwise, the police could arrest you.

Are there any weird Massachusetts laws that we missed? Drop us a line and let us know.

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