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Boston Halloween Safety

Every year, thousands of people in Boston get in the Halloween spirit on October 31st by wearing costumes, taking kids trick-or-treating, hosting parties and attending one of the city’s many themed events. One of the busiest places on Halloween night, however, is the hospital. Traffic accidents, trip and falls, and pedestrian collisions are just some of the things that could go wrong on Halloween. Protect yourself this year with a few basic safety tips for kids and adults.

Watch Where You Walk

Slip, trip and fall accidents are some of the most common reasons behind Halloween hospital visits. It can be easy to stumble and fall if you are wearing unfamiliar shoes, a long or loose-fitting costume, or a mask that obscures your vision. Walking around at night, going to a haunted house with obstacles by your feet or drinking alcohol could also lead to falls. If you attend a pumpkin patch, fall festival, haunted house or take kids trick-or-treating this year, wear the right shoes and make sure your costume fits properly to avoid fall accidents.

If you decide to join a Boston bar crawl or another Halloween night event, walk in a group and stick to well-lit areas and sidewalks. Walk defensively, staying alert to your surroundings. Do not look down at your cellphone while you walk. Always obey the city’s crosswalk laws. Do not assume you have the right-of-way and step out into traffic. Stop before entering the street. Look both ways for oncoming vehicles. You will only have the right-of-way if a crosswalk signal tells you to walk or if you cross at a crosswalk someplace other than an intersection.

Use the Buddy System

No matter how you plan on spending Halloween, use the buddy system to improve your safety. Do not walk to your destination alone. If you go to a Halloween party or bar, go with a friend and arrange for a sober ride home. Traveling in a group can also deter criminals from crimes such as physical assault or robbery. If your children are going trick-or-treating, send them with a responsible adult. Tell children to stay together at all times.

Never Drink and Drive

Halloween night is one of the busiest for pedestrian traffic in Boston. It is extremely important to drive with the utmost care on Halloween night. Pay attention to the road, put your phone down, yield to pedestrians, obey the speed limit, follow roadway rules, and never drink and drive. If you know you plan on drinking alcohol, do not drive yourself to a party or event. Instead, call an Uber or Lyft or find another safe way there and back. If you do drive on Halloween, keep a careful eye out for trick-or-treaters and stay sober. Children may not know or obey pedestrian laws and may dart into traffic.

Teach Your Kids Common Halloween Safety

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids. It is important, however, to teach your children a few general safety tips before sending them trick-or-treating. First, equip them with flashlights and reflective costumes or strips on their bags to enhance their visibility. Then, teach them how to trick-or-treat safely. Teach them to never go into stranger’s homes or vehicles while trick-or-treating.

Children should always walk on sidewalks and use crosswalks. They should never split up or go outside the parameters of where you told them to trick-or-treat. Give at least one child a cellphone to call you in case of an emergency. Make them eat snacks before they leave so they will not eat any candy they receive until they get home. Inspect candy for signs of hazards such as needles or homemade baked goods before letting your child eat anything. Toss out any questionable candy and report anything dangerous to the police.

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