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Do you have a premise liability case in Massachusetts?

Published in Safety on March 8, 2019

Falling down the stairs

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A premises liability accident occurs when an individual is injured on someone else’s property or business because of a hazardous condition that the owner could have prevented.

In Massachusetts, shop and property owners owe a duty to people who use their premises to keep them free from any hazard which may result in personal injuries. If a dangerous condition exists within the premises of the establishment or property, and the owner or tenant was negligent in dealing with it adequately, he or she may be liable for injuries resulting from an incident.

Filing a premises liability lawsuit may represent a unique opportunity to receive significant monetary compensation for your physical pain and medical bills.

Who is responsible for a premise liability injury?

Property and business owners have an obligation to guarantee the safety of the place they own. Owners of public stores, homes or construction sites are legally obligated to warn and protect anyone from any potential danger. They must also ensure that all dangerous conditions on the property are remedied in the shortest time possible.

Claimants may seek compensation for injuries such as broken bones or spinal cord injuries due to slipping and falling, electrocutions, staircase accidents or insufficient security accidents caused by the dangerous condition on the property.

What kind of accidents may qualify as premise liability cases?

Property owners, managers, landlords, or lessees must do all they can to prevent accidents with proper maintenance and safety measures. Else they can be held liable for a wide range of accidents, including:

Slip and Trip and Fall Claims

People can trip and fall and suffer serious injuries while in a commercial or residential property for many reasons. Slip and fall accidents are the most common type of injury that occurs within a property when proper maintenance and safety measures are not taken. Certain hazards may increase your chances of slipping and falling, including:

  • Slick or slippery floors (such as covered in soap, oil, grease, or ice)
  • Defective, broken or cracked sidewalks or other walkways
  • Poorly constructed or maintained stairs
  • Foreign objects in aisles and walkways (such as debris or misplaced merchandise)
  • Uneven pavement, gravel, rails, or steps
  • Potholes or floor cracks

Construction Site Accidents

People attempting to travel through or near construction sites may get injured by getting electrocuted by exposed wiring or falling in holes with no warning signs or inadequate railing. There’s also a risk of getting wounded by exposed re-bars or by negligent workers operating heavy equipment.

Falling Objects

People may be seriously injured by objects falling upon them and hitting them in the head. These accidents may occur anywhere, from homes where trees have not been properly trimmed, to properties in disrepair from which bricks or tiles may detach, as well as retail stores where heavy objects have been stacked improperly.

Assaults and Battery

Assaults and batteries such as sexual violence and serious beatings may occur in and around businesses such as parking garages, parking lots or nightclubs. Property owners and managers are expected to take all security measures to guarantee the safety of people in and around the area such as by hiring private guards or bouncers.

Why hiring the right law firm can make the difference

Premises liability covers a wide range of case types, and it’s important to find a lawyer who is experienced with all personal injury claims. These accidents may lead to painful or even permanently incapacitating injuries.

Here at Sweeney Merrigan Law, Our lawyers will always be on your side during your legal battle, from beginning to end, and will fight for your rights while you focus on the only thing that matters: Healing.

For more information, call our law office at (617)-391-9001. Or if you would prefer to email us, then please visit our contact page.

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