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Who Pays Medical Bills in a Massachusetts Car Accident?

When you have been harmed in a Massachusetts car accident, it may be overwhelming to figure out who is liable for paying for the injuries you have suffered. Costly medical expenses could affect your financial stability well into the future, especially if you require long-term care for a full recovery. There are various legal options available in recovering the necessary compensation you deserve for medical bills and other losses you’ve endured. 

At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the legal complexities and laws affecting your car accident claim. We have over 100 years of experience fighting for the compensation our clients deserve for the harm they have suffered. Speak with an experienced car accident lawyer for an assessment of your claim and knowledgeable legal guidance that may make a significant difference in the value of your award. Schedule a complimentary consultation today at (617) 391-9001, or fill out our contact form. 

Understanding Massachusetts No-Fault Car Insurance 

Massachusetts follows a no-fault car insurance system. Because of this, your own insurance policy covers medical expenses and other losses following a car accident, regardless of who may be responsible for the collision. Pursuing compensatory damages is complicated and must meet a certain threshold in order to be eligible for an award. 

Your no-fault coverage, or Personal Injury Protection benefits, apply to the following: 

  • Your losses 
  • Individuals with your permission to drive your vehicle
  • Any passenger in your vehicle during the accident
  • Pedestrians injured by your vehicle

It’s essential to consider that your PIP coverage only covers up to $8,000 of losses sustained from a car accident. This includes medical bills, 75% of income from your inability to work, lost income, or other services like live-in assistance. Losses incurred due to pain and suffering or other emotional damages are not covered under PIP coverage. 

Car Insurance Coverage Requirements in Massachusetts 

In severe car accidents in Massachusetts, PIP coverage may not adequately cover medical bills and other losses sustained in your accident. 

The following are the minimum values assigned to PIP coverage: 

  • $20,000 for injury per person
  • $40,000 total liability bodily injury coverage per accident you cause
  • $5,000 for property damage 
  • $8,000 in no-fault PIP coverage
  • $20,000 per person / $40,000 total per accident for uninsured motorists

If you were significantly injured in a Massachusetts car accident and your injuries are over $8,000, you may benefit from pursuing compensation in a personal injury claim for harm caused by negligence. At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we fight for the maximum compensation you deserve for present and future medical expenses so you may obtain a full recovery. You should not be held financially responsible for the negligent actions of someone else who caused your accident. 

Liability in a Massachusetts Car Accident 

In order to work around the no-fault car insurance system and pursue legal action against a negligent driver for the suffering they have caused, you must meet certain thresholds mandated by state law. If your medical bills are significant and involve long-term treatment, you may file a personal injury claim if you have sustained more than $2,000 in medical bills, or your injuries are permanent or resulted in severe disfigurement, scarring, fractured bones, or loss of hearing or vision. 

At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we help you evaluate the value of your claim and conduct an extensive investigation into your car accident to determine liability. We understand how essential it is to recover the maximum compensation you are owed for future medical treatment for a full recovery. 

Speak With the Experienced Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys at Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers 

Stepping outside of the no-fault insurance coverage system may be overwhelming, but at Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we are experienced in handling every detail of your claim so you may obtain the necessary compensation you deserve for the present and future medical bills and other losses you need for a full recovery.

At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, our experienced legal team is proudly led by our managing partners, J. Tucker Merrigan and Peter M. Merrigan. Together, they have been recognized for providing dedicated representation to car accident victims in Massachusetts in awards that include Rising Star, Super Lawyers and  Top 40; Under 40, National Trial Lawyers.

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