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Rollovers are generally associated with SUVs and large trailer trucks, though they can happen to any automobile. Rollovers are some of the most dangerous automobile accidents, accounting for more than 35% of auto accident fatalities in 2010. SUVs garner the most attention when it comes to rollovers because of their frame. Because SUVs are taller, their center of gravity is not as low to the ground as other vehicles.

When a motorist turns the SUV quickly, it causes the center of gravity to shift and sends the vehicle into a roll. Though there has been some call to increase the roof safety of SUVs, little has been done. The frame of an SUV’s roof is not built to withstand rollovers, and as such, the roof can easily become crushed during one. 

What Causes Rollovers?

Though rollovers happen most frequently with SUVs, they are not limited to this type of vehicle. Rollovers are usually caused by collisions with larger vehicles and other impacts that can send a vehicle veering off the road. The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that 95% of rollovers are caused by “tripping.”

Tripping occurs when a car’s wheels hit terrain or are forced off the path by a collision. The car is unable to readjust to its projected path and is sent off the road with great force, hitting a median or guard rail, which projects it into a roll. As previously stated, this can happen to any vehicle, not just SUVs. Other reasons for rollovers are as follows:

  • Multi-car accidents. The NHSA estimates that 20% of rollover accidents occur in a multiple-vehicle crash. Many times, a larger vehicle will strike a smaller one on the side with enough force to send it into a rollover.
  • Speeding or distracted driving. Speeding can cause rollovers when the motorist jerks the wheel abruptly or overcorrects the wheel. Many times, distracted driving leads to a rollover when the driver takes his or her eyes off the road, even for a second. One second is long enough to hit a “trip” and send a car spiraling out of control.
  • Inclement weather. Patches of ice, snow, and puddles can form a trip that will send a car into a rollover if the driver is not paying attention. If the driver hits a patch of ice, he or she may try to overcorrect, again leading to a rollover. In Massachusetts, rollovers due to icy roads are particularly common.

Rollovers result in some of the most severe injuries known to car crashes. They are the most common cause of traumatic head injuries and ejections. They also tend to cause burns, fractures, lacerations, and severe whiplash. The path a vehicle takes in a rollover usually leaves behind a wake of property damage and extensive vehicle damage.

Find a Competent Boston, MA Attorney to Handle Your Rollover Suit

If you’ve been in a rollover accident, there is a good chance it may have occurred because of someone else’s negligence. While rollovers can occur when a lone motorist is driving distracted or speeding, it’s far more common that they occur because the side of the vehicle was struck by another motorist. Rollover accidents can cause injuries ranging from mild to catastrophic.

Many rollovers lead to long-lasting problems like traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and broken bones. Insurance may not be enough to cover ongoing medical care and lost wages, in which case you should contact a rollover attorney to represent you.

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