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Manchester Construction Accident Lawyer

A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Construction Accident Scope: In Manchester, construction accidents encompass injuries or damage occurring on construction sites, affecting not only workers but also passersby and nearby residents, due to various causes like machinery malfunctions and falls.
  • Accident Causes and Impacts: Common causes include equipment failures, scaffold collapses, and exposure to hazardous materials, with risks heightened by heavy lifting and use of powerful machinery. These accidents can result in significant physical, emotional, and financial consequences.
  • Liability and Legal Process: Establishing liability is crucial, often involving multiple parties like site owners and equipment manufacturers. A thorough investigation is needed to pinpoint responsibility and lay the groundwork for a strong claim.
  • Advocacy and Settlement: Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers focuses on securing a high settlement, handling claim filing, negotiations, and potentially litigation, ensuring compensation covers all damages, including non-economic impacts like pain and suffering.

In Manchester, a construction accident is typically defined as any injury or damage that occurs on a construction site due to various factors, ranging from machinery malfunctions to falls from heights. These incidents are not limited to the workers at the site but can also affect passersby, visitors, or residents near the construction area.

If you have fallen victim to a construction accident, the first step toward getting the justice you deserve is to partner with a knowledgeable and compassionate Manchester construction accident attorney from Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers. Our team is known in our community for getting our clients the results they need to move forward after their personal injury accidents. To start the process today, please don’t hesitate to call our office directly at 617-391-9001 or by using our contact form

What Constitutes a Construction Accident in Manchester?

Common causes include equipment failures, electrical accidents, scaffold collapses, and exposure to hazardous materials. The risks are compounded by the nature of construction work, which often involves heavy lifting, working at heights, and the use of powerful tools and machinery. Additionally, failure to adhere to safety protocols, inadequate training, or improper site management can significantly increase the likelihood of accidents.

The role of a Manchester construction accident lawyer is crucial in these scenarios. Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, for instance, specializes in comprehensively investigating construction accidents to determine the underlying causes and the parties at fault. This may include contractors, equipment manufacturers, or even third-party entities responsible for site safety.

Establishing fault is essential for the injured party to receive fair compensation, which may cover medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. It’s important to recognize that construction accidents can have far-reaching impacts, not just physically but also emotionally and financially, making the role of a skilled Manchester construction accident attorney invaluable in navigating the aftermath.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

While you concentrate on actively recovering from your accident, our team is prepared to help with the following pivotal aspects of your case:

Establish Liability 

In the complex landscape of construction accidents in Manchester, establishing liability is the first crucial step a Manchester construction accident lawyer takes. Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers are adept at identifying all potentially liable parties, which can range from construction site owners, contractors, and subcontractors to equipment manufacturers. Liability may arise from negligence, failure to comply with safety regulations, or defective equipment.

The firm’s approach includes a thorough investigation of the accident site, analysis of safety protocols, and examination of witness statements and surveillance footage. This comprehensive investigation is fundamental to pinpointing the responsible parties, thereby laying the groundwork for a strong claim.

File Your Claim

Once liability is established, the next step is filing your claim. Navigating the legal intricacies and procedural requirements of a construction accident claim demands specialized knowledge and experience. Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers is prepared to handle all aspects of the claims process, from preparing and submitting necessary legal documents to managing communications with insurance companies and other stakeholders.

We are here to ensure that your personal injury claim accurately represents all the damages incurred, including immediate and long-term medical expenses, lost wages, and any other relevant compensatory factors. Our expertise ensures that the claim is filed accurately and in a timely manner, adhering to all legal guidelines and the statute of limitations.

Fight for a High Settlement

The ultimate goal of a Manchester personal injury lawyer in a construction accident case is to secure a high settlement for their client. This involves skilled negotiations with insurance companies and, if necessary, litigation. At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we leverage our extensive experience and knowledge of personal injury law to advocate for our clients’ best interests.

We strive to ensure that the settlement not only covers all current and future expenses related to the injury but also adequately compensates for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. Our commitment lies in achieving the most favorable outcome for our clients, ensuring that they receive the maximum possible compensation for their ordeal.

When you partner with Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, you will receive exceptional dedication and counsel from esteemed Manchester construction accident lawyers such as co-managing partner Peter M. Merrigan. Attorney Merrigan has been honored for his dedication to clients through outlets like 2015 through 2018 “Top 40 Under 40 Trial Attorney” and a 2015-2018 “Rising Star”. 

Injured in an Accident? Speak to a Dedicated Manchester Construction Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been affected by a construction accident in Manchester, it’s crucial to get the right legal support. At Sweeney Merrigan Personal Injury Lawyers, we offer a wealth of experience, with over a century of combined legal expertise, to assertively defend your rights in construction accident cases. Ensuring you receive fair compensation and justice is at the heart of what we do.

For a free consultation with our experienced Manchester construction accident attorneys, contact us today. You can reach us at 617-391-9001 or fill out our contact form. Your recovery and well-being are our primary focus, and we are dedicated to supporting you at every stage of this journey.

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