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Fatal Tree Cutting Mishap Claims Life in Plaistow, New Hampshire

Published in on April 28, 2024

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Truck accident in Boston

In a tragic incident this past Saturday in Plaistow, New Hampshire, a local man lost his life while engaged in arboricultural work. The fatal accident occurred shortly before noon when the individual, operating a rented bucket lift, was hit by an intertwined mass of tree and vine.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., the Plaistow Emergency Communications Center was alerted to an urgent situation at 233 Oakridge Road. Reports indicated that a man in a boom lift was injured and unresponsive. Responding swiftly, Plaistow Fire/Rescue and Paramedics arrived on the scene in less than four minutes.

Upon arrival, emergency personnel discovered the man slumped over in the boom basket at an elevation of about 30 feet. The boom’s arm near the basket was visibly damaged, and the electronic override controls were nonfunctional, further complicating the situation. Fire Chief Chris Knutsen called the scenario a “technical rescue,” prompting the aid of a ladder truck from the Haverhill Fire Department.

The rescue efforts took a grim turn when a representative from the lift rental company arrived at the scene and utilized a handjack manual pump to lower the stricken man to the ground. Unfortunately, it was too late; Plaistow Fire Paramedics, along with Boston Medflight Critical Care staff, declared the man deceased at the site.

Source: WHAV News

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