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If you or a loved one has been in a head-on car collision recently, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Typically, insurance will cover the costs of vehicle damage and minor injuries, but more extensive damages and injury expenses may need to be recovered in a personal injury case. Head-on car or truck collisions are some of the most frightening accidents and they often result in serious injury or even death.

After seeking immediate medical treatment, seek the help of a competent Boston injury attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have lost a loved one in a head-on car collision, you may also be entitled to compensation to help you get your life back to normal. 

Personal Injury Cases and Negligence

Personal injury compensation is based on proving negligence. To prove negligence, the victim must establish that the other person acted in a negligent manner that directly resulted in the injury. Pertaining to a car accident, this may mean proving that the other driver was driving recklessly, under the influence, or driving in another manner that does not abide by the rules of the road. Proving negligence can be a long process that involves extensive documentation.

It must also be done timely, as the state of Massachusetts sets the statute of limitation to three years. It is always in a person’s best interest to seek competent representation to present his or her case and obtain the most compensation possible.

Damages Sought After a Head-On Car Collision

Many times, head-on car collisions happen because inclement weather causes a driver to veer onto the wrong side of the road. Other times, they may be caused because a driver was driving distractedly or under the influence. Either way, this type of car accident can result in some of the more serious kinds of damage and injuries in a car crash. It is not uncommon for victims of head-on collisions to suffer traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injuries, or permanent disfigurement. Massachusetts allows for car crash victims to seek the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses. Any and all expenses incurred as the result of the accident, including ongoing doctor’s visits, medication, and physical or mental health therapy appointments.
  • Lost wages. Wages lost due to the accident itself and any injuries sustained during the accident. This can include lost wages in the future in the case of a serious injury that affects a victim’s ability to work.
  • Pain and suffering. An amount calculated by the insurance company to recoup the costs of suffering after the accident.
  • Loss of companionship. Compensation to buffer the emotional and financial loss in the event that a loved one is permanently altered or killed in an accident.
  • Punitive damages. The state of Massachusetts allows for victims to seek punitive damages as a way to punish the other person for a grossly negligent act.

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