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Boston Anesthesiology Error Lawyer

Anesthesia is a life-saving innovation that makes many surgeries possible. Yet it can also cause significant harm to patients if used incorrectly. It is an anesthesiologist’s duty to evaluate patients, administer the correct concoction and dosage of anesthesia according to the circumstances, and monitor the patient for signs of distress during a surgery. If a professional fails to provide an acceptable level of patient care, anesthesiology errors can be deadly and you may be entitled to legal compensation.

Contact the medical malpractice lawyers at Sweeney Merrigan Law of Boston for trusted representation during an anesthesiology error claim. Our anesthesiology error attorneys in Boston, have secured more than $30 million for clients through years of hard work and dedication. We know how to litigate even the most complex medical malpractice claims to our clients’ best interests. If you want aggressive, trustworthy, and compassionate Boston anesthesiology error attorneys to take over your case, we’re your solution. Call (617) 391-9001 today to speak with a Boston anesthesiology error lawyer for a free case review.

What Are Anesthesiology Errors?

An anesthesiology error can describe any mistake an anesthesiologist makes during his or her professional duties. An anesthesiology error can become a medical malpractice claim in Massachusetts if a reasonable and prudent anesthesiologist would not have made the same mistake in the same circumstances and if it caused harm to the patient. The list of what could qualify as an anesthesiology error is long, but includes the following most-common scenarios:

  • Failing to check a patient’s medical history
  • Miscalculating the patient’s dosage
  • Concocting an anesthesia that triggers an allergic reaction
  • Failing to prevent an adverse drug interaction
  • Administering too much or too little anesthesia
  • Failing to monitor a patient’s vital signs during an operation
  • Making intubation errors or failing to administer oxygen properly

Even a minor anesthesiology error could severely impact the patient. Common outcomes of anesthesiology errors include brain hypoxia, brain damage, coma, stroke, and death. Anesthesia mistakes are serious and deserve a Boston anesthesiology error lawyer’s attention. Always seek professional counsel after you or someone you know suffers from an anesthesia error during an operation or dental procedure. You could be eligible for significant compensation.

What to Do After an Anesthesiology Error

Ask yourself if a “reasonable and prudent” anesthesiologist would have made the same mistake in similar circumstances. If you aren’t sure, seek help from a local anesthesiology error attorney who can help you discuss your case with medical experts. The Boston anesthesiology error lawyers at Sweeney Merrigan Law can help you connect with medical witnesses who can help you identify malpractice and prove your case in a court of law.

Follow these steps to work toward compensation after an anesthesiology error:

  1. Collect information. Start building your case right away. Gather information and evidence surrounding your cases, such as your medical records, the name of everyone on your surgical team, and the titles of any laws that may apply to your case.
  2. Learn your rights. Discuss your case with an attorney to find out if you qualify as a wrongfully injured patient, what the deadline on a claim would be, and what steps you should take next. Initial consultations with us are always free.
  3. Fight for compensation. The civil courts permit injured patients to file claims against doctors, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other parties in the face of medical malpractice. Strengthen your fight with help from a trusted law firm.

An anesthesiology error may cause lifelong injuries, but only you can decide how you’ll spend the rest of your life. Hiring an attorney can help you obtain the compensation you need now and financial stability in the future. You could be eligible for a seven- or eight-figure settlement or jury verdict – which you can fight for with help from our attorneys. We know how to handle these cases in Boston. Schedule your free anesthesia error consultation today with a Boston anesthesiology error lawyer, either online or at (617) 391-9001.

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