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Bleeding from birth injury may be caused by distress during delivery. For instance, blood may accumulate in the skull caused by a blood vessel rupture during delivery. A rupture can be caused by too much stress put on an infant’s skull, neck or other parts of their body. In some cases, a physician or other healthcare provider may use medical equipment to extract a child from the birth canal. If not used correctly, such medical equipment can cause serious injury including bleeding. In other cases, medical staff may have not diagnosed a problem adequately or may be unprepared for distress during delivery.

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Bleeding From Birth?

There are numerous causes of bleeding from birth injury. Some causes are more difficult to identify and treat than others. Regardless of the cause of bleeding from birth injury, your injured newborn may need extensive and ongoing medical treatment as a result. Bleeding—especially bleeding on the brain of a newborn—can lead to catastrophe:

Bleeding from birth injury requires immediate medical attention. In many cases, bleeding can only be addressed through surgery. Medical professionals who failed to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of the bleeding must be held accountable. Whether they failed in their duty before, during or after delivery of your newborn, they must not be allowed to harm another child.

Causes of Bleeding from Birth Injury

Medical professionals have a duty to provide the highest standard of care. In some cases, they fail to fulfill their duty. They may fail to diagnose a medical problem before delivery. Such a diagnosis may have prevented bleeding from birth injury. In other cases, they may not adequately respond to an emergency during delivery. In still other cases they may perform poorly after delivery and negatively impact your baby’s health.

Determining the exact cause of your child’s health issue may require careful analysis of medical records. But some causes of bleeding in a newborn include

  • Aneurysm
  • Birth Trauma
  • Blood Cell Disorder
  • Brain Tumor
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Misuse of Medical Equipment

Bleeding can be a symptom of other medical issues. If these issues are not addressed in a timely way, catastrophe may result. This is inexcusable especially if the underlying causes of bleeding were not treated. Your doctor and medical staff should have prevented an injury or condition that led to bleeding in your newborn. If they did not, please take the time to talk with one of our birth injury lawyers. You need help to get answers and ensuring that your child gets the best medical attention after they have suffered bleeding from birth injury. There is no better law firm in Boston for personal injury claims. Call us today at (617)-391-9001.

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