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Broken Bone Birth Injury Lawyer

Bone breaks and fractures during delivery are inexcusable. Certain emergencies may arise during the delivery of a baby and, if medical professionals do not respond adequately, serious harm may be the result. Medical malpractice may be the cause of these types of birth injuries and your family’s life may be disrupted forever due to poor medical treatment. Ineffective response to an emergency during delivery is only one cause of bone breaks or fractures. In other cases, a misdiagnosis or inadequate preparation before delivery may cause serious harm to your baby. No matter what caused your baby to suffer a bone break or fracture during delivery, you deserve answers.

How Do The Child’s Bone’s Break During Birth?

The most common bone break during delivery is the clavicle, also known as the collarbone. These bones are extremely vulnerable and easily damaged during delivery. If the baby is improperly positioned, a broken collarbone is frequently the result. The medical professional delivering your child is responsible for protecting your baby and ensuring they are positioned correctly as they are delivered. If the medical staff fail, they must be held responsible.

During delivery, a child may suffer a broken limb or endure damage to their neck or back. In some cases, a baby’s skull or facial bones may be damaged. All of these injuries can lead to life-long medical complications.

Your child may experience great pain if they suffer a bone break or fracture during delivery. But the pain may only be a symptom of much greater problems. A bone break may indicate paralysis or brain damage. A baby who suffers a broken bone during delivery may be permanently disabled. Furthermore, determining which bone has been broken can be difficult. Diagnosing the cause may be even more difficult. Many cases of medical malpractice require extensive research and analysis to determine the root cause.

What Causes Bone Breaks During Delivery?

In some cases, medical professionals should know beforehand that a baby will not fit through a mother’s cervix. The child may be too small or too large for a vaginal delivery. Extra precautions may be necessary. Medical staff should be prepared to respond to such cases. If a newborn suffers through delivery and a broken bone or fracture is the result, there is no excuse. Certain medical equipment used to extract a baby may cause an injury. A child’s neck may be forced into an unsafe position during delivery. In many cases, a physician or other medical professional should be prepared for an emergency well in advance of delivery. Families should be able to trust their medical care providers before, during and after childbirth.

Every birth injury case is unique. To determine the exact causes of your child’s suffering may require extensive analysis by independent medical researchers. If your child has suffered a bone break or fracture during delivery or you suspect your family has been the victim of medical malpractice, do not hesitate to get help. Your child may require extensive medical treatment after a bone break or fracture. Call an experienced birth injury lawyer in Boston for a free consultation at (617)-391-9001, the experienced legal team at Sweeney Merrigan is happy to speak with you. Those responsible for your child’s injury should be held accountable.

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