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Those who are bed-ridden for long periods of time are at the mercy of the medical staff. The staff is duty-bound to prevent bed sores as much as possible. Some people are more prone to developing lesions than others, but it can be easy to discern if the sores have worsened due to staff negligence. Patients need to be cared for to mitigate symptoms. A negligent hospital staff that cause extra pain and discomfort are liable for damages. A Boston personal injury attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Are Bed Sores?

Bed sores may sound tame, but they are usually not. The average cost to treat pressure-related sores is around $40,000, and complications from bed lesions can actually be fatal if left untreated. Renal failure and amyloidosis are very serious conditions that start from bed sores.

Bed sores occur when the skeleton puts pressure on soft spots in the skin after lying in the same position over long periods of time. The pressure obstructs blood flow to muscle tissue, so the body’s cells wither and die. Wounds form, and they can become infected. Infections spread quickly, especially in cases of serious neglect when the nursing staff fails to move or inspect the patient.

Bed sores are a very serious issue, and they are almost always due to negligence. 95% of pressure-related injuries are preventable. Once bed sores do appear, they must be closely monitored. Failure to effectively treat the sores increases the staff’s liability. This problem is ubiquitous, too; 27,000 people died from bed sores in 2010.

There are four different stages of bed sores. The first two stages are less severe. Patients start with mild irritation which blisters and sometimes forms craters. As the sores enter stage 3, the skin layers begin to die and chafe, leading to open, seeping wounds. Stage 4 turns the sore into a pressure ulcer. The skin has chafed away, leaving underlying muscle tissue completely exposed.

When Do I Have a Claim?

Like any other medical personal injury claim, the plaintiff must establish that the medical staff utterly failed in their duties and were responsible for the bed sores. Bed sores are prevented by frequently moving the patient and careful examination. Getting compensation means proving the facility did not take basic steps to prevent sore formation.

However, people bed-ridden for long enough to develop bed sores frequently suffer from other ailments that conflates with the skin lesions. The plaintiff must prove the hospital staff was responsible for the bed sores, rather than the other health issue.

Extreme negligence and rampant misconduct may result in the court awarding the plaintiff punitive damages. Instead of serving as compensation for treatment and suffering, punitive damages seek to punish the negligent staff.

Compensation Available for Bed Sores Injury Claims in Boston

If your claim is successful, compensation covers several key factors:

  • Medical treatment. The total cost of the medical stay is often covered through damages, including any future treatments necessary to combat the bed sores. This may cover physical therapy, rehabilitation, specialists, special medical instruments, and other home modifications.
  • Pain and suffering. Bed sores are extremely painful; especially those that reach stage 3 and 4. The higher stage bed sore, the more compensation the patient receives.
  • Physical alterations. Advanced stages of bed sores often permanently disfigure patients, leading to scars and sometime mental anguish. Sometimes disfigurements can be corrected with surgery.
  • Permanent problems. Compensation may include any permanent lifestyle changes. If a US Army NCO with a love of running 5k’s becomes crippled from extensive malpractice, part of his claim will include compensation for his inability to work, run, and carry out other hobbies enjoyed prior to the injury.

It is painful to watch any loved one stuck in a bed for long periods of time, let alone suffer from preventable bed sores. Contact us at (617)-391-9001 if you suspect you have a claim, and we can investigate the facts and guide your family through the process.

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